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Getting Started

  • Start with Tutorials to get you up and running
  • Follow the Heron Workshop for more hands-on and background
  • Read the Heron Primer to understand the concepts behind Heron
  • See Core Concepts to learn the core concepts behind GeoExt, ExtJS and OpenLayers


Learn through the Examples. Most of the Heron widgets and data components have simple examples that demonstrate their use. By looking through the examples’ sources for the examples, you can learn how to build a Heron application. You may even take an example as a starting point.

Library Reference

The API Reference covers details on developing with Heron. Generated from the comments in the code.

End-User Documentation

Documentation for end-users (of Heron applications) is in progress. As a start we have a Heron End-User Manual (PDF Dutch).

Participating in the Heron Community

For information about getting involved in the Heron community, keep reading!